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Factory Reconditioned Eureka R4686ATV Victory Whirlwind Upright Vacuum
Made by Eureka
  • Bagless upright vacuum with extra-large dust cup
  • True HEPA filter traps extremely small particles
  • 15-inch cleaning path; headlight
  • Onboard tools: upholstery nozzle, dusting brush, and crevice tool
  • Brush-roll adjusts to carpet heights
Amazon base price: $79.99
List price: $269.99 (that's 70% off!)
Average review score:

One of the things that I never planned on doing is writing a review of a sweeper.
This thing is tremendous. It was downright scary how much it got out of my rugs that the ol' Dirt Devil didn't. It's comfortable to use, glides well, and is very quiet. There are a couple of things that could be done better...the hose should be longer and it would be nice if one of the cord wrap hooks rotated so that you could drop the cord off instead of unwinding it.
I now understand why someone would pay $$$ for a one of these things. Gald I didn't have to.

Good News This Vacuum Really Sucks!
After reading another review I vacuumed my carpet with my 2 year old Hoover then with the Eureka. It was just a short hallway so it was easy to make sure I was very thorough. It is amazing how much more stuff the Eureka picked up from my freshly vacuumed carpet. The next test was to try the Eureka on my mini-blinds to check out the attachments. It really has a lot of suction with the hose and attachments. This was a great purchase!

A BMW - or Maybe a Mercedes - of a Vacuum Cleaner
Spectacular bargain! The one I got seemed perfectly new. No wear, dirt from use, it had new packaging, owner manual, warranty, etc. And it works like a dream. It is powerful, quiet and maneuverable, although not a lightweight. It vacuums bare floors and carpet of varying length with great effectiveness. I still had my old Hoover and vacuumed a test patch. The Eureka followed it and brought up a whole lot more grit, lint and dog hair. Another plus is that you do not get the characteristic smell of vacuuming; the filters take care of that perfectly.

Is there a bad side? Not really. It shares the characteristic of cup-type dirt collectors. You can see the collection cup through the plastic case easily. It is not difficult to remove, but is sealed very well so no dust escapes. But when you dump the cup, a mushroom cloud of dust naturally billows up, so you do not want to empty it in the house. This is annoyance, but intrinsic to the cup-collector type of design. Above the cup is a pleated paper filter. This gets covered with lint and hair and filled with fine, flour-like dust. You must take this outside, pick off the hairballs and clap it like an eraser. You get clouds of fine dust from this operation, of course, and must plan accordingly. Better be upwind for these operations so you get no blow-back, but not near a window, door or your newly-washed parked car. Every six months, you also will need to change the genuine HEPA filter, which will cost you a few bucks.

In summary, if you buy this vacuum cleaner, you will be pleased with the performance and the outstanding bargain. You must be prepared; however, to deal with the effort in dealing with the comprehensive filter system that gives you the remarkable cleaning ability of this machine.

Dirt Devil Jaguar Deluxe Carpet Shampoo Cleaner
  • Lightweight, upright shampoo cleaner
  • Full-width nozzle with 5 brush rows
  • Deep cleaning forward and backward
  • Stair and upholstery tool, 8’ extension hose
  • 25’ quick-release power cord
Amazon base price: $89.99
Average review score:

Love My Dirt Devil Shampooer
This is the greatest little shampooer, light weight, easy to use, easy to fill/empty and cleans beautifully. Cleans like a heavy expensive one. I highly recommend it. The only negative was the difficulty in assembling but if a mechanically inept person like myself can do it, anyone can.

Nice for the price!
I set it up in about 5 minutes. This is a great product for the small apartment.Small area rugs and for chairs with cloth. The only drawback is that you have to keep refilling the water. After the second cleaning my rugs were very clean and new looking. Well worth the price.

Great product for small home
Easily assembled at 8 p.m. and shampooed living by 10 p.m.
Did a 12x12 room with 1 gallon of water, 4 oz of cleaner (16 oz comes with product), and cleaned out dirty water reservoir 3 times. Upholstery tools are handy too.

Great value for the price and the 2-year warranty!

Eureka 4880AT Whirlwind Upright True Hepa Dual Bagless Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner
Made by Eureka
  • True HEPA filtration
  • Bagless cyclonic
  • Larger dust cup
  • 15-inch cleaning path
  • Headlight and 30-foot power cord
Amazon base price: $209.99
List price: $289.99 (that's 28% off!)
Used price: $113.48
Average review score:

Almost perfect....almost. Not for hard floors.
I was looking to replace a cheapy Dirt Devil that wasn't picking up like it used to.

As we recently added a dog to our family I wanted one with HEPA filtration. I also have a lot of hard floors (tile & wood) so I wanted something that would work well on bare floors.

Out of the box: It's easy to assemble and get started. You will be vacuuming in less than 30 minutes. Its important to read the instruction manual about the filters and cleaning schedule.

It's a heavy solid piece. All of the plastic feels solid and well built. The wand attachment is wonderful but I have to use it too much (more on that in a moment). The headlight is dim and doesn't really light much on the floor. More like a headlight letting the pets know your coming. The motor is very quiet and a nice change from the less powerful vac I upgraded from. The Power switch is oddly placed but you get used to it pretty quickly.

However, the "Hard floor" switch is difficult to use especially when transitioning between rooms with/without carpeting. Hard floors are the weakness of this vac. On tile it is practically impossible to pick up small particles and cat litter. Wood floors are only slightly better.

There is no provision for picking up in corners. That is unacceptable in a vac of this price. My old cheapy picked up very well in corners on the right side. So you are forced to use the wand a lot. Since my house is mostly hardwood I must use the wand for at least 50% of the vacuuming. Not fun.

On the plus side it does an excellent job on carpets. However, throw rugs are an issue as the vacuum is so strong it sucks them off the floor. I love the HEPA filtration. I truly do see a small reduction in the amount of dust in the house.

The bagless feature is great and is of sufficient volume that you don't have to dump it after every room. I usually get two full vacuumings in before I dump the canister. The filters are holding up well and haven't needed to be cleaned or changed yet. That's good because the replacements are expensive as compared to a bag. Of course they are filtering a lot more dust & dirt than a bag can.

Overall I am very happy with the quality of the product. However, it really isn't up to the task on hardwood or tile floors. I would be ecstatic with this vac if I had wall to wall carpeting.

Quality look and feel
Strong motor
Very stylish design

Doesn't work on hard floors
Weak headlight

Carpet/hardwood switch difficult to use

The best vacuum cleaner I have ever owned or used!
Before I purchased this vacuum cleaner, I looked up several on and read the reviews. I was most impressed with the reviews and ratings for this one and also the 4885 which has a couple more bells and whistles but is apparently the same model, otherwise.

I tried to find the 4880 locally, and no one had ever heard of it! I was told it was an "old model," things like that. Actually, according to the Eureka WEBsite, it's quite a new model. Anyway, I decided to purchase from so I ordered, and it came in just a very few days, faster than promised.

Well, everything the other reviewers have said is absolutely true! The first time I vacuumed my house, I got three cupfuls of dirt and pet hair; I had to empty the dirt cup and rinse out the filters three times! I didn't know whether to cheer or throw up! By the way, the dirt cup is large and both the cup and the two filters that are removable are easy to get out of the machine, rinse out, and put back in. Be sure to use your spray attachment on your sink to get all the dirt out, and also let all the pieces dry COMPLETELY before you put them back into the machine.

The Hepa filter is the third filter. It's not removable/rinsable, and should be replaced about twice a year according to directions. Not much gets clear through to the Hepa filter, though, because the two other filters precede it.

Here's another tip. Run the cord up through the looped handle before you plug it in. That will hold the cord up and out of the way better than you can achieve with most other vacuum cleaners. I figured that out myself; it's not in the instructions. By the way, the instructions are clear, simple, and well illustrated.

As others have said, the machine is heavy, but the rollers seem to pull it forward though it is technically not self-propelled. It is smooth and quiet to use. It does not have edge-clean so you will either have to use the attachments for that purpose or use your handvac which is what I do.

This is a VERY satisfying product to use, quite fun, actually. I was suspicious about what my last vacuum cleaner was leaving in my carpet, and now I KNOW!

After reading the many previous reviews, I was sure this was the vacuum cleaner I wanted, and now that I have used it for a few days, I know I was absolutely right. If you have pets or a woodstove as we do, two dogs and a cat, plus bringing wood in through the house, this vacuum cleaner is one you should consider very seriously. My husband was annoyed with me for wanting to replace our old vac, but he is believer, now. reviews of products really help keep the buyer from making bad purchase mistakes. It's a wonderful service. Thank you,!

This vacuum cleaner sucks.... and sucks.
I purchased this vacuum cleaner about half a year ago, and it is still working extremely well. I previously had another Eureka Whirlwind vacuum cleaner (some earlier model I purchased about 5 years ago); well, my previous model kept clogging, and clogging so I definitely needed something new. So, as you can imagine I was a little bit apprehensive about purchasing another Eureka; however, have no fear... this machine is awesome.

To be quite honest, I put a lot of credence in the reviews and opinions of other reviewers... and I think most everybody was dead-on right. This vacuum definitely has good sucking power. I think that a price you pay for this is the fact that the machine really wants to go... albeit it is not really 'that' difficult to handle. Weight wise, it is a little bit heavier than my previous vacuum (but realistically not that much more)... besides, with that weight you definitely get really good stability while vacuuming and utilizing the accessories.

The carpet/hard floor switch is an awesome shift when you need to do hard floors. I must admit, though, that this is not the best unit for getting edges. The accessories are easy to use. And most important, I've had absolutely no problems with the unit; someone wrote about a suction problem... they should probably check to ensure that they seated the canister properly.

Factory-Reconditioned Dyson DC07 Upright Vacuum, Steel/Yellow
Made by Dyson
  • Eight-chambered cyclonic design for powerful, consistent suction
  • Bag-free dirt collection with hygienic emptying trigger
  • Long-lasting filtration system with HEPA filter
  • Includes 17-foot hose, crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery attachment
  • Measures 14 by 46 by 13-1/2 inches; 6-month warranty
Amazon base price: $279.99
List price: $399.99 (that's 30% off!)
Average review score:

Refurbished dyson works great, warranty honored.
The Dyson DC07 was a little heavier than I expected but maneuvers easily. Transitions well from hard floors to rugs. Cleans better than any upright vacuum I've owned. I was disappointed with the refurbished sweeper when I tried to empty the collection bin, it wouldn't.

I phoned customer service and was pleased to learn that they would replace the chamber/bin no questions asked. I received the part within the week and now the sweeper works fine. I am disappointed that the warranty is only for 6 months, but don't expect to need it again.

Better than perfect...
I have purchased other reconditioned products at and have been very happy each of them, but this Dyson reconditioned exceeded all my expectations. The unit was in pristine condition, almost better than new. As usual with Dyson the performance was unsurpassed. I could not be happier.

Best Vacuum I've ever seen.
On Monday, I Steam cleaned the carpet with our hover steam cleaner. On Tuesday our reconditioned Dyson arrived in almost new condition, there are a few scuff marks on it. We vacuumed the carpet and got a full canister of dog and cat hair along with some very fine dirt.

I am sold, this thing is just flat impressive. Another nice surprise was that it is not very noisy compared to some other vacuums we have had. I have called Dyson and ordered the turbo brush to go with our Yellow Dyson. I think that would be helpful on furniture. Bottom line, good price when compared to the new ones. Reconditioned one is in like new condition, and it picks up stuff you would not believe. My friend has a Bissell turbo type vac. and not only does he have to empty the dirt bin he also has to clean the filters out. This Dyson picks up dirt his machine left behind, and it was all in the bin, the filter looks new.

I would not hesitate to recommend this machine to my friends!

Hoover F4300 Floormax Supreme
Made by Hoover
  • Power scrubs, waxes, and polishes hard floors and shampoos rugs, carpets
  • Scrub and shampoo brushes and waxing, buffing, polishing pads included
  • Dispenses cleaning solutions with finger-trigger
  • Weighs 10 pounds, stands 43 inches high
  • Assembles with one nut-and-bolt
Amazon base price: $149.99
List price: $169.99 (that's 12% off!)
Buy one from zShops for: $149.00
Average review score:

could have used more info before I bought
The machine is very light, easy to set up and use, but the waxing, buffing and polishing that I wanted to do on my kitchen floors can ONLY BE DONE ON WOOD FLOORS, which I don't have. The instructions say it CANNOT be used on 'no wax floors"!(I tried it-took the shine off) The ads state you can wax and polish 'hard floors', which I took to mean non carpeted areas, so I probably would not have purchased it if I had known. There is no water extractor, so it's not good for large carpet areas. It will stay wet a LONG time. For just floor scrubbing, it's great! Light, easy, etc as above. Couldn't ask for an easier, lighter machine -- if only I could use it for more tasks!!!

great rug shampooer
This machine is great. A child can use it. It was very easy to put together. Less then 5 minutes. I have 3 cats, a dog and 3 teenage girls that have friends over all the time. They all spill on my carpets and forget to clean up. My carpets had so many stains. I used this machine with the stiffest brushes and man did it get the stains out. I was amazed. I had a hoover once before and it did a great job. I was concerned this time because the unit was smaller. But it did the job just as well. I am very happy with this unit and would advise anyone to use it.

Lasted Many Years
My mother bought one of these way back in the 70s! It performed flawlessly for over 20 years and let me tell you, it's been through some pretty rough times. It's been knocked down a flight of stairs, accidently stepped on and tripped over, banged into walls and radiators, flipped over a banister and fell about 15 feet to the floor, and the worst time, my mother literally strangled my sister after she borrowed it for her apartment. It was 1984 and she had just moved into the apartment. She said she needed it to shampoo the carpets real bad cause' they were filthy. But apparently after she shampooed them she decided she didn't like the color of the carpets. So she filled up the tank with navy blue dye and turned it on. She was successful at dying all of the carpets navy blue but the entire base/bottom, scrub brushes, and the tank were permanently stained blue. My mother pulled up in the driveway one day to find the thing sitting on the porch. After seeing the condition it was in she had a nervos breakdown and brought it inside. She immediatly called my sister and caused one of the worst fights between them ever. Saying that she must "have a screw loose", she's "off her rocker", etc. etc. My sister didn't talk to her for weeks and in the meantime my mother was nagging constantly and telling the whole town about what her daughter had done to her Hoover Carpet Shampooer Machine. The day that it happened, my Aunt was visiting and they tried to clean it and removed massive amounts of dirt clumps and cat hair from the scrubber area. For weeks I never heard the end of her nagging and swearing over the whole ordeal. But it still worked perfectly for many years to come! The blue stains faded over time and my mother and sister are close again. But my mother hesitates whenever she asks to borrow anything! Sadly, the mighty maching performed it's last shampoo job the other day straining to finish the job so it could finally rest in peace after it's long, hard knock life. It was a good carpet machine and will be greatly missed.

Eureka 5844AV Litespeed HEPA Bagless Upright Vacuum
Made by Eureka
  • Bagless cleaning with true HEPA filtration
  • 15-inch cleaning path and seven nozzle heights
  • Include anti-clog hose and onboard tools
  • Casing is red with gold glitter finish and bright yellow accents
  • 15 by 12 by 43-3/4 inches
Amazon base price: $99.99
List price: $249.99 (that's 60% off!)
Average review score:

Eureka 5844AV Litespeed
This vacuum is awful. Don't even consider it. It has never worked from the day I got it and Amazon would not let me return it because it had been more than 30 days since the purchase date. It spews dust and dirt out all over the place. I had it repaired once (No Warranty was provided for this specific problem) and it stills spews out dirt. I'm putting it in a dumpster this weekend.....

Great vacuum at an even greater price
Buying this vacuum was one of the best decisions I ever made. Granted, my old vacuum was horrible, but I expected much less from this Eureka at the price I paid -- plus I got a free spin duster. I have a German Shepherd, and this thing picks up dog hair like a dream. If you use it to pick up pet hair though, use a carpet deoderizer like Arm & Hammer's Pet Fresh. Otherwise, your vacuum cannister will stink when you go to empty it. Also make sure you empty the cannister outdoors to avoid re-releasing a lot of dust, dirt, etc. back into your home. I gave it 4 stars because there's still room for improvement: The on/off switch could be in a more convenient location, the cannister filter can be a chore to clean, and I don't like how the utility hose is transparent (sure it looks cool before the first time you use it but dirt WILL stick to the inside of the hose). Also, I still have not yet received my Eureka manufacturer's rebate, but overall I am more than satisfied with this vacuum.

Great Vacuum, heavy
Works wonderfully, nice and quiet, but on the heavy side. Easy to clean and picks up a ton of dirt.

Hoover F5898-900 SteamVac LS Edition Carpet Cleaner
Made by Hoover
  • Deep-cleans carpets, bare floors, upholstery with hot water, cleaning solution
  • Includes powered upholstery/stairs tool, powered hard-surface scrubber
  • Cleans both forward and reverse with five rotating brushes, two speeds
  • Automatically adjusts for carpet height, upholstery, bare-floor, car tools
  • No faucet hookup needed; two tanks separate clean and dirty solutions
Amazon base price: $259.99
List price: $309.99 (that's 16% off!)
Average review score:

Motor burned out and caught fire on first use.
After reading all the reviews posted here I was excited to give this machine a try. I had only used about two thirds of a gallon of clean water solution when the motor started to smoke. Before I could hit the off switch with my foot sparks flew out, then a small flame, and finally puffs of black smoke out each side of the machine.

Needless to say it's going back in the box and being returned.

To Hoover's credit the water in the dirty water bucket was quite dirty so it was getting dirt up before it blew up.

I also tried calling customer service and had a hard time getting through. They were not very helpful and suggested I take this brand new machine into an authorized service agent. No thanks.

Excellent machine
I always do a lot of research before I spend money on something like this - and this cleaner came up as a top buy. I have big dogs and cats that come in and out all day in all weather, and when we got new, lighter colored carpet(as opposed to our previous dirt-colored carpet) a cleaner that was easy to use, easy to store, and could handle the pressure of frequent use became a priority instead of a "one of these days" purchase. Now, I was lucky - because my in-laws purchased a similar model a year or so ago, so I got to try it out before buying.
But I still wasn't convinced this was the one until I did some checking, and surprisingly, more expensive *isn't* better. The more expensive models seemed more awkward to use, and I found lots of complaints about leaking, etc.
This machine keeps my light carpet looking great, and I have been very happy with it.

A delightful tool for clean freaks!
Okay, so maybe you're not like me. (Or maybe you are.) An impeccably clean house is just one of those things I take pride in. And while you can vacuum a carpet until you're blue in the face, let's face it: Some types of carpet soiling just does not and cannot disappear with a vacuum cleaner alone. Enter hot water extraction cleaners.

Like others here, I've previously used Bissell cleaners with mixed success. The canister style Bissell that I purchased a few years ago worked more or less. But it had a tendency to leave way too much water in the carpet with its anemic suction power. Plus the inconvenience of hooking the thing up to a faucet to use it (not to mention the clean-up process) meant that it lived in the closet more than it worked, and begged to be replaced with something better.

Despite that, when I began searching for something to replace it, I tended to look first at Bissell, thinking I'd give their self-contained cleaners a try. Thankfully I didn't limit my shopping to retail stores, and dropped by here not only to price the cleaners, but read the reviews. It saved me from making what could have been a mistake: another Bissell purchase.

Based on positive reviews of the Hoover, coupled with great experiences with Hoover vacuums, I decided to purchase one... Great decision. Why?

1. The Hoover has outstanding suction power, leaving the carpets barely damp after cleaning, and quick to dry completely. No waiting and waiting.

2. It works. You'll be amazed at what comes out of your carpets and into the cleaner's tank. (Or you'll just be grossed out.)

3. Clean-up is as easy as possible. None of these cleaners is (or could be) clean-up free. But the Hoover makes it as simple as I could imagine.

4. Hoover's cleaning solution -- unlike Bissell's -- leaves a nice, clean smell that's not too strong to start, but then dissipates as the carpet dries. No room-filling perfume scents that linger long after the cleaning's done (and rapidly become irritating).

I'll be the first to admit I have not tried Bissell's self-contained extraction cleaners, but my older, canister style Bissell extractor was a disappointment. In contrast, I love my Hoover SteamVac, and would highly recommend it for those who, like me, just sleep better at night knowing those floor coverings are as nice and tidy as possible.

Hoover U5256-900 Widepath Vacuum Cleaner
Made by Hoover
  • Full-size upright vacuum with 15-inch cleaning path for fast work
  • Onboard tools: dusting brush, upholstery nozzle, crevice tool
  • Disposable allergen filter removes dust mites, 99.98 percent common pollen
  • Headlight; stretch hose; 24-foot cord
  • Adjusts for bare floors, three carpet heights
Amazon base price: $139.99
List price: $179.99 (that's 22% off!)
Average review score:

Not Happy
At first this vacuum seemed like a good deal if you can handle the noise. I've had this for 4 months now and the filters are a real pain to clean. Now the dirt is blowing out of the bottom and the filters are clean. It is going back.

Not really what I expected.
I had owned a bagless fantom vac until it died after less than a year so I guess I am comparing this vac to the fantom (when it was new). I went to a bag vac because the bad fantom experience had me scared. I was suprised at how cheap this vac feels. It seems to be about 95% plastic (these days what isn't?) so I hope it holds up. Assembly was easy. Seems to have good sucking power through the beater brush but the brush continues to rotate when using the hose wand. It will make it hard to vac out my car outside. Hose wand doesn't seem to have as much power as it could. The vac is very loud. If I had it to do over again I would at least go to a store that carries the model or similar models so I could have gotten a feel for the vac and its features before I bought. I mainly bought the vac on reviews at this site, which were helpful but it's still good to get some hands on experience before you buy. If I had done that I may have decided to spend a little extra for something more heavy duty.

Hoover Widepath review
This vacuum cleaner picks up everything! I have a yellow lab that sheds and after I've vacuumed you would never know I had a dog. The only problems I have with it are that it is LOUD. Hope you don't have any sleeping babies. And the onboard cleaning tools dont always stay onboard (minor detail, I know). But all in all, it's a good vacuum cleaner!

Hoover U5720-900 WindTunnel Bagless
Made by Hoover
  • Bagless twin-chamber dirt collection
  • One HEPA filter plus two others for reduced allergens
  • Side-mounted hose and on-board attachments
  • 31-foot cord with quick release hooks
  • Measures 15 by 12-3/4 by 43 inches
Amazon base price: $197.99
List price: $249.95 (that's 21% off!)
Average review score:

a bad experience
I purchased this model from [] a few months ago. Less expensive than Hoover's own factory store near where I live.
This cleaner has some very good reviews. HOWEVER, after two uses (in my home) mine went to the local Hoover store for repair. (the brushes were loosing a lot of their bristles) They replaced the brushes under warranty and I was told by the stores repair man (Oh yeah, they had to redesign the brushes, the original design did that). The repair took about three weeks (they had to order the replacement brushes and the warehouse was out of stock) Three calls to Hoover national customer assistance without the courtesy of even a reply. Several e-mails to Hoover headquarters customer support e-mail address with no reply. I got the cleaner back and was given a free replacement filter cartridge for my trouble. Two more uses and the gear box for the brushes burned out with a lot of evil smelling smoke from the melted plastic case. Back to the Hoover store. Another warranty repair. Now I have it back and will see what happens next. NEVER AGAIN WOULD I BUY A HOOVER. They seem not to care at all about customers or customer service. If this was a typical sample of their product quality they need some heavy duty help.

Great product & value!
It had only been a week since vacuuming when I brought this home. We have no kids & we don't wear shoes in the house so our carpet stays pretty clean, so we thought! I was amazed at what this vacuum picked up. Obviously cleans deeper than my previous Hoover (which was ready for retirement, even though it picked up anything visual on the carpet). Even without being self-propelled, it moved with great ease. Excellent product!

Thrilled, but Appalled!
The vacuum is the thrilling part. The stuff that appears in the cannister is appalling!

My previous vacuum was old and even when it was new, I was never really impressed with it. It was time to replace it.

RESEARCH - I did plenty of research - Consumer Reports, other online rating sources and of course, reviews written by customers here on Amazon. This model was the best of the bagless, which is what I wanted. There were 2 Windtunnels rated slightly better which used bags. Anyway, this is the one that looked best for me.

SUCTION - When I brought it home, it hadn't been long since I'd last vacuumed. I looked at the carpet and thought it didn't look bad, but I still wanted to try it out. I vacummed one room and then took a look at the cannister. Oh, my gosh! This vacuum really sucked (in a good way). Where did all that stuff come from? It must have pulled dirt from the floor below. Surely all that dirt and dust and hair and fluff wasn't in that one room! I refused to vacuum any more until my husband came home. He had to see this. We have several cats and one inside dog, but I still wasn't expecting to see so much dirt!

DUST IN THE AIR - I wanted a bag with a Hepa filter since I'm allergic to dust. After vacuuming a room with the U5720-900, the air is great. I can breathe just fine - no sniffles at all, unlike with my previous vacuum. However, emptying the cannister indoors (on any bagless vacuum) might not be a good idea. I take the cannister to a garbage can in our garage to empty it. so dust is not re-introduced to the indoor air. Then, since our house is apparently so filthy, I also take the Hepa out of the cannister (which is fast & simple)and shake out the extra dust. The instructions say you really don't need to do this each time, but, with all the dust in there, I think it's a good idea.

ATTACHMENTS - Consumer Reports only gave the attachments on this vacuum a GOOD, but I find them wonderful and simple. I love how they are arranged (easily accessible) and I love that the hose stays ready to use for quick pick ups. The only thing to do is choose which head you need or sometimes add an extension. The suction is good.

EFFORT - It's easy to push - it practically pulls itself along.

Bottom Line - I love it!

Hoover F7205-900 SteamVac V2 with SpinScrub Brushes
Made by Hoover
  • Powerful edge-to-edge suction for better recovery and faster drying
  • 5-brush SpinScrub system, removable for easy maintenance
  • Two-tank system with automatic detergent mixing and fingertip controls
  • Includes spot-cleaning tool and 8-foot hose
  • Measures 18-1/2 by 11 by 43-1/2 inches
Amazon base price: $239.95
List price: $299.95 (that's 20% off!)
Average review score:

Not a durable machine
Bought the machine approximately two years ago. Used it to clean five rental houses. Machine cleaned carpet very well.
However, the motor failed recently. Machine is not as rugged as it needs to me. I am surprised that Maytag, which owns Hoover, is not living up to their reputation.

Dirty Water spills and leaky containers
I've had this about 6 months and have probably logged 5 hours total on it. The cleaner works great, but if the waste water container gets too foamy (no way to control amout of detergent dispensed), it starts spitting the dirty water back onto the rug. The dirt doesn't show up again until it dries, so its very important to empty the waste water before it indicates.
Another problem that has surfaced is that the clean water tank has developed a leak at the bottom valve and becomes a steady stream when the system is running...the net result is water everywhere...making for a slippery mess. I think the system is great, but it takes a while to learn the quirks of this machine.

I love this thing!
I'm a cleaner and I also have allergies to dust, mold, pollen and also have two cats so I love when my place is fresh, clean and sparkling. I own this thing and I love it.

I originally borrowed my mother's and after using it was surprised at how clean everything was. I've had a number of comments from friends that the rugs look brand new. Better yet, I was dating someone who had severe asthma and when he walked in, he took a deep breath and said: "You cleaned your carpets, right?" He didn't wheeze one bit the entire time he was there.

I also own a Dyson vacuum. Love that, too. When I power clean, I'll vacuum over everything slowly and thoroughly first. All the cat hair picks up plus dust, dirt and my own hair. Then I'll start working with the Hoover. Despite the power behind the Dyson, the water in the Hoover is always dark when I'm washing. Within a short amount of time, the rugs feel great! There is a rinsing option as well if you want to make sure all of the cleaner is out of the rug and you can pretty much go over everything without depressing the clean button to suck up excess water.

This also has a squeegee attachment to do the linoleum floors. Good idea. Scrubs then scoops up the water and sucks it up. There is a a different detergent for linoleum so take a look around. However, it is very LOUD when doing bare floors. Not recommended at night. :)

Also, there are two Hoover SteamVacs, one with more brushes. My mother's had the fewer amount and I haven't noticed any difference between the two. I just ended up with the bigger one because when I ordered the smaller from Sears, they sent the larger by mistake and said: "Oh, well, you get it for the other price." Good deal!

Good tip: If you want to clean in the winter -- don't hesitate! Especially when it's really cold outside. Not only does it get the dirt that's been laying around while your windows are all shut but when it's so cold that the humidity is at 0 you'll be surprised how fast the rugs dry. I did mine just now an hour ago and they're all dry.

The only thing I'd recommend is to buy a allergenic detergent. The best one I've used is Bissell 720 Multi-Allergen Removal Formula, which you can find on This really seems to do the trick when it comes to getting out the junk in the rugs.

Things do snap apart for cleaning and can take a little time, but if you vacuum thoroughly enough before hand you shouldn't have this excess of junk to pull out. There are some crevices where things can get up into, but snap it off, turn on the garbage disposal and get the faucet hose and you should be good.

With all vacuums and rug machines, I have this advice: You have to go slowly with ANY machine. Not snail-slow, but don't go so fast! Give both time to really pick up. If you sweep too fast, it misses the dirt. Quick swiping is alright for last minute company cleaning, but once a week I really take my time with my vacuum. A good rule of thumb for cleaning (if you really want that fresh look without overloading the machine with dirt) would be vacuum once a week -- wash once a month.

The combo of both these machines has well been worth it. I recommend this machine for any household and if you want super clean, get the Dyson vacuum as well.

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